Top 10 Cryptocurrency To Invest

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5. Bitcoin cash (BCH)

Bitcoin cash

Created in December 2017 with the purpose of increasing the number of processable transactions, it is considered a cryptocurrency and a payment network, which is completely decentralized. Its price was around USD 107.83 at the end of October.

Among the notable advantages of Bitcoin cash is its accessibility, given its price and the fact that it can be purchased on almost any exchange. In addition, crypto is considered one of the most scalable, which results in lower transaction fees.

Recently BCH has developed support from USD 100, which can be considered as a strong movement, which could generate an incentive for many traders trying to take advantage of further falls. Technical indicators for BCH have reached an all-time low with the MACD outlook looking towards a positive breakout and the RSI heading in a negative direction. The 100 EMA has been pulling away, as has the much shorter 50-day moving average.

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