Top 10 Cryptocurrency To Invest

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4. Cardano (ADA)


Founded in 2017 by Jeremy Wood and Charles Hoskinson (co-founder of Ethereum), it is characterized by the use of mathematical principles in its consensus mechanism. Cardano is one of the cryptos in the industry that has the highest growth rate, reaching nearly 50 times its value in 2021.

Cardano has started its biggest update to date in September 2022: the Hard Fork Vasil, with which it intends to speed up transaction times. With this, greater efficiency, cost reduction and, therefore, a possible increase in the value of the crypto are expected.

Although the Cardano price faced bearish resistance earlier, the bulls managed to push the price above $0.365 during the third week of October, when it reached $0.371. The value of the moving average (MA) is at the position of $0.3827.

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