Top 10 Cryptocurrency To Invest

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3. Litecoin (LTC)


LTC was created by Charlie Lee in 2011. Litecoin makes it easy to make instant payments anywhere on the planet, at almost zero cost. The value of the crypto towards the third week of October was around USD 51.38.

Litecoin has been performing well recently, despite continuing to be in the red. LTC has already breached the $50 support and is forecasted to break above the current resistance level of $55.

Although Litecoin’s price has dropped over the last 30 days, Suzuki Shillsalot at Ambcrypto claims that the cryptocurrency still has some “tricks under its sleeve,” such as market capitalization, which might boost its price. Mining Litecoin had a daily win rate of 34%, according to CryptoCompare, a website devoted to monitoring cryptocurrency mining statistics. Additionally, the hashrate has increased significantly over the last three months, which was encouraging for the currency as its network continues to develop.

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