Santa Fe Klan Net Worth, Bio, Age, Family, & Career

Angel Jair Quezada Jasso (born 29/11/1999), better known artistically as the Santa Fe Klan, is a Mexican rapper, songwriter, & singer, rap star. He began his career as a member of the Santa Fe Klan in 2013, and once the group disbanded (in 2017) he continued as a solo artist under the same name. In 2017 the group released its first album, titled Por Costumbre; two years later Klan debuted as a soloist with Bendecido. Since then he has done nothing but reap hits, being one of the favorites of the Mexican rap scene. Among his successes, Cumbia gang, It’s already become a habit, Waiting, So I am, Tooth for a Tooth, and Infiel stand out.

Santa Fe Klan Net Worth

Personal information

Full nameAngel Jair Quezada Jasso
Age22 years
OccupationRapper, singer, and songwriter
Stage nameSanta Fe Klan
PartnerMaya Nazar
BandSanta Fe Klan (2013-17); 473 Music Collective
RecognitionsIndependent Song Award by the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico, 2021
Gendersrap, hip-hop, trap,
Zodiac signSagittarius
Instagram account@santa_fe_klan_473
TikTok account@santa.feklan473

What is Santa Fe Klan Net Worth?

The Santa Fe Klan has a net worth of $13.93 million.

Santa Fe Klan Net Worth Beginning

From a humble family, Klan was born in Guanajuato, Mexico, on 29/11/1999. He grew up in Colonia Santa Fe Klan, which inspired his name, and on many occasions, he has mentioned that the experience in the neighborhood was decisive for the development of your career. Without the support of his family and friends, he would not have made it this far. The most important lessons of his life were learned there. He grew up listening to rap, while his inspiration came from the street environment, break dancing, & graffiti.

Santa Fe Klan Net Worth

At the age of twelve, he began to compose, recording his first single at 13. However, it was until he was 15 that he began to take music more professionally, being signed by the Alzada Records label.

The first hip-hop album he heard was one by Cypress Hill, when he was 14 years old.

Other influences come from norteño music.

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Santa Fe Klan: Debut and career as a group

The history of the Santa Fe Klan as a group began around 2013, when Ángel was fourteen years old. His first songs, La misma vida de locos, appeared on YouTube and later came Bien Sanos, Lagrimas de una Madre, Ojos tristes and Corazón Flechado. Despite the success that the group had achieved, in 2016 the group began to fragment, and already in 2017, several left their position.

It was precisely in that year, in 2017, that the group released their first album titled Por Costumbre. This included 14 songs, of which stood out, among others, Another Day More, Sad Reality, The Last Letter, and Already a Custom.

Later that same year, their second album Seguimos radicando (2017) was released, followed by El Inicio, vol 1, 2, and 3. The three volumes were released in the course of 2017, proving the tireless talent that the group had. In the course of that year, the Santa Fe Klan would release around 80 songs (adding the songs from each album).

Among the most popular songs were: Cumbia gang, Gray Days, and A little in love, as well as the collaborations: Marijuana with Sid MSC, Breaking Rules with Bipo Montana, Señorita Juana with Liriko Wan, Relax with Tramas, Where I come from with Niteck, and On a paper plane with Mistyko.

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Santa Fe Klan solo

Keeping the Santa Fe Klan name, Klan made his solo debut on June 26, 2019, with the release of Blessed, his first solo album. The album was a complete success; It featured 10 songs, several music videos, and a short film directed by Jos Macias. Among the most outstanding themes of the album were: Family, Hunger, and Religion.

That year he also released the singles Tu y yo and De la calle Somos; the collaborations Ni Ángel Ni Demonio with Neto Peña, Akapellah, and Gona, I’ll Go Seek You with Nanpa Basico, and Infiel with Afaz Natural. He also composed the song Mi Guanajuato, which would be part of the Huachicolero soundtrack. Unfaithful, which was especially popular on streaming and social media sites like TikTok.

Other hits of 2019 included Entre El Bien y El Mal (feat. Big Stan), Debo Entender, Si Me Caigo and Corazón Criminal.

Consecrated to the rap scene, the successes continued in 2020. That year began with the release of the single Mi Vicio and later came Si Me Quiero Matar (with Delaossa), Various Madrugadas, and Alerta with Sid MSC. He also collaborated with Robot on the single Diente por Diente and repeated success with Afaz Natural through the single Luna.

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Need (2020)

His second album, Need, arrived in June 2020 in collaboration with Lefty Sm. The album had a total of 10 songs, among which are Por mi México, Soy Mercenario, Esta Caliente and Mi Decepción. The following month he premiered Siempre High (ft. Jozue) with Gera MX and Neto Peña and Lentos Arcos with Chikis RA.

In September 2020, Ojos Tumbados came out, in collaboration with Dharius, Tiro Loko, Neto Peña and Gera Mx. A month later Escandalosos appeared, followed by Gallo de Pelea, Cuatro Paredes (with Big Soto) and the double single Vuelve, María.

Also in 2020, Klan was named The Voice of Latino Youth and was one of the finalists in MIDEM’s “Talent Accelerator.” In 12/2020, Klan returned with Liga Malandra 2, a collaboration that included the participation of El Pinche Mara, Sid MSC, Tren Lokote, La Santa Grifa, Unex MSC & Bear Busby.

2021: Santa Cumbia

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Klan got closer to cumbia and learned to play the accordion, creating the Santa Cumbia album as a result. Santa Cumbia premiered on 5/02/2021 with a total of nine songs, Soledad, Esta Noche, including Luna y Mar, Carmen, & Sonidero. On 9/03/2021, Vida Mala came out. In April he presented Grandes ligas, a single he recorded with Snoop Dogg & Lupillo, and premiered Cumbianbera, where he continues with the cumbia genre.

Later that same year, Crónicas De Mi Vecindario came out. On June 4, 2021, he premiered Cumbia Callejera (with Alberto Pedraza) and a few days later Pánico came out (with 473 Music and Neto Reyno). Other collaborations followed, such as Between Death and Danger with Tren Lokote; Everything is going to be fine with Big Soto and Neto Peña; Taking Care of the Territory with Caliber 50 and Beto Sierra; and Fuma Fuma with Neutro Shorty.

In November 2021 he released Dos Mundos, in collaboration with Banda MS, and Malvivientes (feat. Karlos Loayzat). Also that month, along with 473 Music, he collaborated on Kódigo with Vidrio. Then, in December, he released the Wuero, this being his last track of 2021.

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Present: Partners I and Partners II (2022)

On February 24, 2022, after several releases, Klan released the collaborative EPs Socios I and Socios II with Gera MX. Both EPs consisted of four songs, among them the themes You Hide, Web, Last Goodbye, Fearless and Partners.

In January 2022 – before the release of the EPs – Klan had released Problemático and Callejera with MC Davo. In March he collaborated with La Internacional on the single El Hombre Necio and with Bhavi on Dios y La Muerte. His next single, Mar y Tierra, was released on April 4, 2022.

Klan is currently part of the 473 music collective and record label.



  • Blessed (2019).
  • Need (with Lefty Sm; 2020).
  • Santa Cumbia (2021).


  • Partners I (with Gera MX; 2022).
  • Partners II (with Gera MX; 2022).

Santa Fe Klan Singles

  • Crazy in love (2016)
  • Yesterday (2017)
  • I am that (2017).
  • Cumbia gang (2017)
  • Santa Cumbia (2017)
  • It’s already become custom (2017)
  • Forbidden (2018)
  • Silence in the Alley (2018)
  • Silence in the alley (2018).
  • From head to toe (2018).
  • They didn’t tell me (2019)
  • I must understand (2019).
  • Unfaithful (2019)
  • This is me (2020)
  • My vice (2020)
  • Medicinal plant (2020)
  • For my Mexico (2020)
  • Major Leagues (2020)
  • Eyes lying down (2020)
  • From Mexico song (2020)
  • My disappointment (2020)
  • Tooth for a Tooth (2020)
  • Several early mornings (2020)
  • I’ll go find you (2021)
  • Taking Care of the Territory (2021)
  • Loneliness (2021)
  • Cumbianbera (2021)
  • Everything is going to be alright (2021)
  • Two Worlds (2021)
  • Bad Life (2021)
  • Smoke Smoke (2021)
  • Mary (2021)
  • Tonight (2021)
  • I never imagined (2021)
  • Partners (2022)
  • Other data


What is the name of the Santa Fe Klan?

Santa Fe Klan birth name is Angel Jair Quezada Jasso.

Who is the girlfriend of the Santa Fe Klan?

In 2022 he began dating influencer Maya Nazor.

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