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Lesson 2- The power of frames

Russell talked about frames. Frames help you get the job done. Some people use frames and some people use different things. We’re in business to get results from people and we do that by giving them a path they can follow that will guide them through things, like from A to B.

The power of frames
Russell Brunson Net Worth

We need to think about the process we use from start to finish. Your process is probably a starting point for future efficiency. For example, when we work with new clients at Funnel Academy, we use the VF method.

It defines how we take people from not knowing who we are to understanding what we can do for them. Giving your framework a name transforms it into a salable process.

It means that you can transfer that framework to your clients; in this case, helping them get better at finding, following up on, and closing leads. The framework is a good idea for any type of business. It could be the way you do your job or how you get people to talk about it.

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