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Russell at Home: Russell Brunson Net Worth

What you can’t imagine is Russell Brunson without a tie and detached from the computer, the telephones, the conference rooms. And it is that Russell is a family man, he is happily married to his girlfriend from the university, whom he proclaims as the love of his life, Collette Brunson, mother of his five children, friend, companion, accomplice, his unconditional support.

They live in Boise, Idaho as a traditional American family celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year with relatives and friends. The Brunsons enjoy Halloween night with their children, have barbecues in the garden, and go shopping at the supermarket in their community. They are a successful and united family.

Well, entrepreneurial friends, this is Russell Brunson, the wizard of sales funnels, an online marketing winner who invites you to win, to sell, to grow.

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Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is one of the greatest experts in online marketing.

Where was Russell Brunson born?

He is born in America.

What is Russell’s father’s name?

His father’s name is Marde Brunson.

What is Russell’s mother’s name?

His mother’s name is Ross Brunson.

What is Russell’s wife’s name?

His wife’s name isCollette Brunson.

What is the height of Russell Brunson?

The height of Russell Brunson is 188cm.

What is the Russell Brunson Net Worth?

Russell Brunson has a net worth of over $37 million.

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