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108 Tested Split Test Winners

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Profitable sales funnel recipes you can use in your business

A resource guide for beginner and advanced funnel builders who want to understand the elements and components of a sales funnel. How to choose the right funnel for the service or product you’re selling, easy-to-understand diagrams, and explanations to help you build your funnels in a matter of hours.

Books that are well worth reading because they will help you establish and apply effective sales strategies so that your business prospers.

Russell Brunson’s Human Vision and Mission

Russell Brunson is not a machine to make money without moral values, this man possesses a high sense of solidarity and humanism, that is why Russell’s mission for Click funnels extends to non-profit organizations that work to improve the quality of lives of millions of people around the world, such as World Teacher Aide (WTA).

In this organization, WTA, each new funnel that is activated within the Click Funnels community is equivalent to one dollar, which is donated to build schools in Africa, specifically in the most depressed sectors due to environmental, political, and economic conditions.

And he’s also working on producing a sales funnel and documentaries for Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing child sex trafficking victims around the world.

This facet of Russell tells you that success cannot be separated from good deeds, don’t let money and power make you heartless.

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