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A successful career: Russell Brunson Net Worth

As a college student, Russell scored his first success as an online marketer selling DVDs, a hobby that turned into an obsession and catapulted him into the world of Digital Marketing. In this space, our entrepreneur moved like a fish in water, like a big fish.

In a short time he became one of the most brilliant and important marketing minds in the world. Just a year after graduating from college Russell Brunson had already earned his1st million dollars, selling his products, a goal that few, very few would have achieved to date.

For Russell Brunson Everything is for sale

Russell Brunson manages himself with several maxims, one of them is “everything is sold”, because there are always thousands of people interested in a product.

Russell sold everything, books, consulting, dietary supplements, protein shakes, technology services, software, t-shirts. He did not get stuck in a specific market, he covered everything, because “everything is for sale”.

In several network marketing companies he reached the first place in sales, generated 1.5 million leads, and won a brand new Ferrari. Not bad to start.

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