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Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is one of the greatest experts in online marketing. He used to amuse himself from the age of 12 by collecting spam, watching TV, and listening to the radio just to hear the commercials, as well as billboard, poster, print advertising, sales, and marketing, were his entertainment.

And while other children reached adolescence playing video games and spending their money in amusement parks, Russell took on the task of investigating, knowing, playing business where he could study, in his own way, the science and art of response direct.

a born fighter

During his time in high school, Russell excelled as an athlete, was a wrestler, and won the state championship. In his last year before graduating he became an All-American.

In college, he continued to practice wrestling, winning trophies and learning the sport’s techniques, not only to take down and submit his opponents, avoid being knocked down, and avoid holds, he learned the value of competition, hard work, & the art of winning. , in any scenario.

Upon graduation, he was one of the top ten college wrestlers nationally. In the competition, Russell found a motor and a stimulus, the healthy competition where he wins the best, the one who prepared the best, the one with the most guts, the one who does not hesitate to take the first step.

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