MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

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MBA Chai Wala Net Worth
MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

“Leaving you care about the consequences, take the steps towards the path, believe in yourself, and live life!”

Today we will talk about a person who has earned a good name in India by the strength of his knowledge, struggle, and hard work, and is the youngest young millionaire! Today whose monthly income is 85 lakhs. And the young people who have implemented the above written line in their life are today known as MBA Chai Wala. This name is the hallmark of his being a successful businessman. His real name is Praful Billaur.

MBA Brief Biography of Chai Wala

NamePraful Billaur
BornJanuary 14, 1996
Place of BirthIndore, Madhya Pradesh
FatherSohan Billor
Age26 years
Date of Birth (Age)14 January 1996
Marital StatusUnmarried
EducationB. Com & MBA Dropout
EntrepreneurChaiwala, YouTuber
ResidenceAhmedabad Gujarat
WebsiteMBA chaiwala
InstagramPrafulla Billaur Instagram
MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Prafull Billore Short Intro!

Praful Billaur who is popularly known as “MBA Chaiwala” is a well known personality in India today. His different thinking and concept of business attracts many people in his life journey. So here we see how MBA Chaiwala got started Praful Billor started his job of salesman in MA after graduation.

At that time he used to earn 20 thousand to 25 thousand rupees as a salesman, after that he needed an MBA degree from IIM Ahmedabad. MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – He thought at that time. After doing MBA from a reputed college he will get better job offers, later he failed to clear CAT exam Praful Billor, all dreams stopped after not clearing CAT.

And today only two people are famous by the name of Chai Wala in India.

One is our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji and the other is our Prafulla Billor MBA Chaiwala who has left a new mark on every corner of India on the strength of his struggle and hard work, which has increased the attraction of the people.

Education of Prafulla Billaur: MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Praful Billaur (MBA Chaiwala) did B.Com (Bachelor in Commerce) after completing his schooling. Praful Billor was the son of a farmer, after three consecutive unsuccessful attempts in the CAT examinations, in 2017 MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – he thought of starting a business under the name of MBA Chaiwala and after many struggles started working on it, he was known as Mr Billor Ahmedabad. People began to know that he wanted an MBA degree.

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth
MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

He also took admission in a local college and wanted to work in a multinational corporation. But he was kicked out in 12 days. His father was really upset by this. Instead he did not lose sight of the goal of fulfilling his dreams. He opened a tea stall outside IIM Ahmedabad College as he wanted to make a mark of his own.

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Praful Billaur’s family: MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Praful Billaur is the name of a person who has turned his small tea stall into a business today! And now more famous than his name, the name of his shop is MBA Chaiwala! And his father’s name is Sohan Billaur, but his mother’s name is still unknown but we will update it as soon as we get to know. And he also has a younger brother & a sister.

From a student to MBA Journey to becoming a chaiwala

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – Praful Billor belongs to a prosperous family. At the age of 20, he was preparing for the CAT (Common Admission Test) exam to pursue his graduation for MBA. When he did not get good marks for two years, MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – he decided to leave it and also thought of starting something of his own as he wanted to make his own identity. Prafulla was troubled by 2 years of unsuccessful hard work and he needed some rest, as well as in the desire to learn something new, he went out to visit different places.

Prafulla has been a curious person asking a lot of questions since childhood. They are passionate about learning new things. He had a dream to do something big in his mind. Wanting to start his own business, he opened a tea shop. According to them, tea is the only thing that the people of our country like to drink everywhere in every season, so they found it a good option.

When he came to Ahmedabad during his tour, he started his business from there. Despite belonging to a prosperous family, as well as the decision to open a tea shop after getting a good education, he had to hear a lot of stinging sarcasm from the society.

But Prafulla’s fearlessness and courage were unheard of everyone and stood by his decision. MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – He also did some work like a waiter before opening a tea shop. According to him, no work is small or big because every work teaches something, wherever it is found to learn, that work should be done. He has learned a lot by going to different places and doing different things like understanding people, talking to them according to them, and understanding different work. And money is not necessary to live somewhere, it is necessary to have sweetness on the mind and tongue.

MBA Chaiwala Outlet: MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Today MB A Chaiwala is a brand and has 16 outlets in over 50 cities with a target of 200 outlets by the end of 2022. Their annual income is Rs 3-4 crore.

Initially, they were not sold on the first day, but on the second day they were sold for Rs.300. Prafulla believes that if the customer does not come to us, then we should go to him ourselves. Prafulla is a bright educated young man, so he started communicating with people in the English language to sell tea, which made a good impression on him.

And like this gradually his tea started becoming famous. Prafulla had never made tea, so this work was very different for him, that is why he did not stop learning even after making bad tea on the first day.

MBA Chai Wala Academy: MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Prafulla is a successful businessman today, he also gives business knowledge to the people and for this he has done M.B. A Chaiwala Academy has also been started where the youth are taught the tricks and tricks of a good business.

The opening days of Praful Billaur: MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Initially, he had hidden the fact from his family members that he was doing tea business, because, in our country, every work is often measured from small to big. If a civilized person does things like making tea or cleaning, then MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – he is rejected as insignificant. And Prafulla has also faced the same exceptions but he did not give up, he firmly maintained his goal and also believed in himself.

Who is Praful Billore
Who is Praful Billore

They believe that we get to learn something from whomever we meet every day, as well as never hesitate to ask questions because the more we ask, the more will be learned, understood, and known.

In the initial days of his struggle, MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – Prafulla has come to know how meeting people together is also helpful by meeting different people. How every person has a different attitude towards different things and in this way every person can influence someone or the other.

They also believe that where there is a will, there is a way. Prafulla started a small tea tapri with only 8000 rupees, he has learned that patience is an essential quality in a person’s life. MBA Chai Wala Biography in Hindi

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The reason behind the success of Praful Billaur: MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

After working in McDonald’s company, Praful Billor often wanted why not start his own business, initially he could not understand what kind of business to start, but then Prafulla had tea in his mind. The thought of selling came, although it sounded easy.

But it was more difficult than that, from where should this boy who speaks English and MBA generate courage, but Prafulla Billore, known as MBA Chaiwala, was determined to do this work and later got some utensils from his house. MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – He set up a tea stall on the road, and after gathering courage for several months, he opened up in his work, and left what people would say and focused on his tea business, meanwhile his biggest problem was that no customer was there to drink tea. Come, because when no customer will come then how will the business be successful?

To solve this problem, Praful Billore i.e. MBA tea man himself used to sell tea to people, and some started selling tea in such a way that people were forced to drink tea, what was it now Praful Billore did not look back and did his own thing. Gave a new identity to the tea business.

MBA Chai Wala’s Businesses: MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Today, along with being a successful businessman, MBA Chaiwala also gives business knowledge to people and for this, he has done M.B. A Chaiwala Academy where the founder of MBA Chaiwala shares his business experience with the youth of the country at MBA Chaiwala Academy.

Prafulla has become an example for the youth of the society today. MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – Knowing the importance of standing on one’s own feet, Prafulla also has the patience to learn everything. He has also made good use of online media platforms. Have used digital platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. to promote their business

So that people can be reached. Prafulla believes in utmost self-confidence. MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – Today, his confidence to do something different is his identity. Initially, he took admission in MBA course at the behest of his family members but after 6-7 days he left the course.

Prafulla has shared his experiences on many media platforms and it is a matter of pride for our country to have industrialists like him in today’s time. By 2022, MBA Chaiwala has decided to grow its industry at the international level.

MBA Chai Wala Franchise’s Earning

Billor commented, “I think if a franchise is earning Rs 15 to 20k per day on an average then it can reach break even in 1.5 years.” At the company level, MBA Chaiwala is fulfilling 3 lakh 60 thousand orders on monthly basis from 10 outlets.

“MBA Chaiwala is a completely different place as it is a place where you will see people from all walks of life, irrespective of economic status. MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – We have people who have a BMW, and people who have a bicycle, both are our customers. MBA Chaiwala promotes Startup and Entrepreneurship culture in a way.

It also inspires people that anything great can be done; All you need for this is some passion and hard work,” he said while discussing the different reasons the brand has to offer.

Fifteen percent of the total revenue is generated from deliveries. When it comes to technology the chain has invested in designing tools, CRM software, accounting software, internal communication portals, etc.

Praful Billaur MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

They also believe that where there is a will, there is a way. Praful started a small tea tapri with only 8000 rupees, and today Praful’s annual income is 2-3 crores. And apart from this, MBA Chaiwala earns three to four lakhs by giving franchises and he has a YouTube channel from where he gets a lot of income.

MBA Chaiwala Movie: MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Yes, Dharma Productions is making a biopic on Praful Billaur i.e. MBA Chaiwala, in which the movie will be shown about Praful Billaur’s struggle to success, Siddharth Malhotra will play the role of Praful Billaur in this biopic, and this movie will be released in 2023 can.

From a Tea Shop to B-School Delivering (MBA Chai Business)

Praful Billor’s journey to success did not end with his tea stall. His success story reached far and wide, and guess what? He was invited by IIM-Ahmedabad, the B-school where he was yearning to pursue an MBA, to share his business journey with postgraduate students.

He also received invitations from several other IIMs and Harvard Business School to address his visit. MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – Along with this, he is also the speaker of the Tedx talk show. And was also invited on Josh’s talk show. And Praful Billaur Sandeep Maheshwari also went on the show.

Today MBA Chaiwala has more than 20 employees and has a turnover of 3 crores in this financial year. This is no ordinary feat considering the hard work and struggle that Prafulla had to face. They believe that fear is temporary, but a sign of regret is forever in life, and should not live with such remorse and pursue one’s dreams, no matter how small.

MBA A story behind the Chaiwala brand

There is a story behind Praful Bilore’s brand MBA Chaiwala. Many people think that they use the term MBA because it was their dream to study MBA but the real reason is that MBA doesn’t mean Master of Business Administration here but it means here Mr. Billore Ahmedabad Chaiwala.

The word Billore is derived from the billionaire who is called ‘Billionaire’ in English. MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – Today MBA Chaiwala is well known and various media corporations also know it like Times of India, NDTV, Zee News, ScoopWup, etc.

Praful Bilore is also called to address students in many educational institutions like IIMs, IITs, TED Talks, etc. Recently a book by Prafulla has also been released which is titled “All You Need is Josh”.

Some special qualities of Praful Billaur: MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Praful Billaur, the founder of MBA Chaiwala, has certain qualities that set him apart from others, Praful has learned a lot in his life from education and from his experiences. The passion to do something new has always worked for him and it has been used extensively in this business as well.

Prafulla started selling tea with a new idea. He also started giving flash cards with tea on which thoughts were written and it was different and liked by the people.

Talking about Praful’s family, he started his business without informing because he knew that his family members care about him a lot, MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – so he will be afraid about Praful’s future which is natural so he did not tell the truth. He continued with his work. They believe that some lies are good in which dreams, hard work, and determination are hidden.

MBA Chaiwala started with tea but today with tea they have started selling more things like coffee, sandwich, smile, etc.

Prafulla did his graduation from Devi Ahilya University, Indore. MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – Prafulla believes that keeping things related to what you want to achieve gives you the motivation to work more. The idea of ​​adopting new techniques came in handy for Prafulla. He started using clay cups instead of plastic cups. Now the MBA Chaiwala brand is making its mark in political conventions, and marriages as well.

Today MBA Chaiwala is known in every village, city, and town. Due to their hard work and perseverance, they have made their place in society.

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End: MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Friends, today with the help of this article, we have got to know the biography of MBA Chaiwala very well. In this way, we have about Prafulla’s business plan and his life struggles, and in his future there are plans to spread the business to other countries like India, to know the personality of more such MBA Chai Wala Net Worth – famous people in India Follow this page of ours. And if you liked our article, then give your opinion in the comment!

FAQs: MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Q.1 – MBA Where is the Chai Wala Outlet?

Ans – MBA Chai Wale Ka Outlet is in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat.

Q.2 – What is the Franchise Price of MBA Chaiwala?

Ans – The franchise price of MBA Chaiwala is three to four lakhs.

Q.3 – Is a biopic being made on MBA Chaiwala?

Ans – Yes Dharma Productions is making a biopic on Praful Billaur i.e. MBA Chaiwala!

Q.4 – What is the full form of MBA Chai Wala?

Ans – MBA does not mean Master of Business Administration here but it means here Mr. Billour Ahmedabad Chaiwala.

Q.5 – What is MBA Chai Wala Net Worth in 2022?

Ans – The net worth of MBA Chai Wala is 25 crores.

Q.6 – What is the contact number of the MBA Chaiwala Founder?

Ans – MBA Chai Wala Contact Number – Phone Number – 877 056 55 69;
MBA Chai Wala Email id – Email – [email protected]

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