Manish Kashyap Net Worth, Biography, Birth, Education

Manish Kashyap Net Worth Biography, Birth, Education – Friends, in today’s article we are going to talk about Manish Kasyap Biography, a journalist who also goes to Son Of Bihar.

Manish Kashyap Net Worth Biography, Birth, Education

Yes, friends, we are talking about Manish Kashyap, the owner of the SACH TAK NEWS company. Friends, He is such a journalist who always supports the truth, in this article, we have complete information about Manish Kashyap.

Who is Manish Kashyap?

Manish Kashyap is an Indian journalist (reporter), YouTuber, and politician. He shows the wrong things happening in India to the people through his YouTube channel Sach Tak News. And himself opposes those wrong deeds, where does Manish Kashyap go to Son Of Bihar too?

Manish Kashyap is a journalist who strongly opposes corruption and wrong policies of the government in the country, wherever Manish Kashyap sees negligence in any work, he starts reporting from there.

Biography of Manish Kashyap

Full NameTripurari Kumar Tiwari
Nick nameManish Kashyap
date of birth9 March 1988
Birth placeDumri Mahanwa, West Champaran (Bihar)
Age34 years
Businesscivil engineer and news reporter
Height5 feet 8 inches
News channel nameSach Tak News
Reason for being popularfearless journalism
Social AccountInstagram

Manish Kashyap’s birth

Journalist Manish Kashyap was born on 9 March 1991 in Dumri Mahanawa, a small village in the West Champaran district of Bihar. This village is situated on the banks of river Budhi Gandak, due to which there is always the problem of flood in their village.

At present, they are doing journalism work by staying in Bihar, sometimes they do journalism by going to different states of the country.

Father’s nameUdit Kumar Tiwari
Mother’s namewill update soon
Wife’s nameSingle
Brother’s nameNot available yet

Education of Manish Kashyap

Friends, if we talk about Manish Kashyap‘s education i.e. his studies, then journalist He has studied civil engineering from Savitribai Phule University, Pune.

But even though Manish Kashyap has studied civil engineering, but his mind is focused on reporting against the bad, and his goal is to end the corruption happening in the country.

School educationPrimary education from Dumri Mahanwa
College educationSavitribai Phule University Pune
Degreecivil engineer

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Manish Kashyap Career

As looking at Manish Kashyap, it seems that these men are a very big and strong pillar of truth and goodness, which will leave the sweat of elders just to shake it, well the talk of breaking this pillar is far away. Their way of doing journalism is of the next level.

manish kashyap contact number

If you speak the truth like the truth, then in today’s time almost all news anchors are sycophants of politicians. There is no one in today’s time, that is, like Manish Kashyap, there was such a news anchor who did journalism completely openly, whose trousers till Pakistan used to get wet just by listening to the voice, but the Maharashtra government wet his trousers in this way. That’s how well he asked that this Babbar became a cat drenched with a lion.

Well, you are intelligent, you must have understood that this country needs journalists like Manish Kashyap, who should not be a sycophant of politicians, o work for this country, o work for the people of this country, o only for truth and goodness. Work only for This is called journalism, and all these qualities are in Manish Kashyap.

Friends, many people have started comparing Manish with the best teacher of Patna, Khan sir, because of Manish ji’s fearlessness & honesty. People are saying that there is no match between Manish Kashyap in the news and Khan sir in education.

Apart from journalism, Manish Kashyap entered the electoral fray to shine his luck in the assembly elections held in Bihar in 2020. He filed his nomination as an independent candidate from Chanpatia Assembly Constituency.

There was some controversy regarding his contest in the election. But Manish Ji, ignoring all these things, stepped firmly into the election season for the good of the public.

In the affidavit filed at the time of the election, he had told that 6 criminal cases of the Y category are registered against him. His election manifesto became the reason for the most discussion in the whole of Bihar. In his manifesto, he had issued an affidavit after getting an affidavit from the court.

It was written in this affidavit that if I fail to fulfil the promises made by me, then the public can sue me. But despite having such an honest image, he had to face defeat in the election.

Manish Kashyap and Khan sir’s relation

Manish also says about Khan sir that – I may not be a Khan, but I respect this Khan a lot. It is also true that both of them are masters of their respective fields.

Manish Kashyap (Sach Tak News) net worth

According to the information was given by Manish Kashyap in the assembly elections 2020, he has a movable property of 15 lakh 40 thousand, immovable property of 20 lakh and a total income is Rs 4 lakh 20 thousand.

Controversy With Manish Kashyap

Often, people who do some work with honesty, and help people, their name is definitely associated with some disputes.

The same happens with them. Fearlessly, people accuse him of coercion and coercion, to tell the truth about the government and his administration. Many say that they misbehave with officers under the guise of cameras.

Recently, for Ayansh, a small child from Patna, Bihar, suffering from a special disease called SMA Type 1, people are accusing him in different ways for motivating people to help through his news channel.

In fact, an injection of Rs 16 crore is required for this disease. But Ayansh’s parents do not have that much money for Ayansh’s treatment. Due to this, they are appealing to the people to help.

This is what Manish ji told people through his news, after which people are accusing him of cheating money in the name of Ayansh. After this Manish Ji came in front of everyone and called these allegations baseless and said that those who cannot help anyone, people make such baseless allegations against anyone.

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Manish Kashyap’s story

There are ideological differences, I do not agree with his far-right ideology, but in a state like Bihar, I am also convinced of his style of questioning the system of Sina Tan, I am Manish Kashyap or anyone else in the womb or the right to choose caste. Was not found, no one takes birth by choosing caste or religion. Being from a particular caste or religion does not become one’s sin.

Today in lieu of helping innocent innocent son Ayansh of a Rajput mother and Yadav father, some casteist insects are abusing Manish Kashyap to his parents and his caste. He is a resident of Mahanawa, a flood-affected village of Champaran. Manish’s grandfather was a soldier who participated in the Indo-China war, Manish’s father is also in the army.

When Manish fights against the corrupt system, it is not for any particular caste, it is for the common people of Bihar. Manish has become the voice of the destitute people of Bihar today. Manish is the voice and support of those people who are not able to reach where the mainstream media’s camera shines and Netaji’s Fortuner.

I have also heard (not chosen) that I am Bhumihar and Manish also comes from the same Bhumihar community, today some casteist insects are abusing Manish for being Bhumihar, I want to request them to say that Manish’s ideology Protest is not a problem but if you will oppose Manish because he is a Bhumihar.

So I and my society want to say that as long as you respect the identity of our caste religion, then you will remain entitled to respect if you interfere in our privacy, then this society will give you a befitting reply. whoever you are.

I am not a casteist but caste is the reality of this country, no one can deny it, instead of cracking the caste system, it is becoming stronger due to the defects of the system, if there is ever a possibility of the breakdown of the caste system, then you can tell us those who break the caste. But as long as there is a caste system, everyone should respect each other’s caste identity.

Ask Manish an ideological question, oppose ideologically, but if you oppose Manish because he is a Bhumihar, and abuse his mother and sister, then we will understand that you are abusing not only Manish but the mother and sister of all of us and then You will get a befitting reply Manish, you are fighting the corrupt system for all of us.

Let them fight then only a beautiful Bihar will be created, don’t drag Manish into the quagmire of caste because of your frustrated false casteist pride.

Jai Hind

Jai Bihar


Q: What is Manish Kashyap’s mobile number?

Ans. Journalist Manish Kashyap‘s mobile number is 9709920218

Q: Where is Manish Kashyap’s house?

Ans: Dumri is a resident of Mahanwa, a very small village in the West Champaran district of Bihar.

Q: How many votes did Manish Kashyap get?

Ans: He came third in this assembly election and got a total of 9239 votes.

Q: Manish Kashyap’s Facebook page name

Ans. : Manish Kasyap- Son Of Bihar

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