Los Dos Carnales Biography, Family, Date of Birth, Net worth

Los Dos Carnales is a Mexican musical group that is made up of the brothers Quezada, Poncho and Imanol. He is recognized for being the author of the singles “Dioturned the currency”, “El corrido de El Fantasma”, “The same” and “El ranchero”, among others.

Los Dos Carnales

Biography of Poncho Quezada

Alfonso “Poncho” Quezada jr. (July 20, 1992) is a Mexican singer and musical artist. Together with his brother Imanol, in 2015, he formed the group Los Dos Carnales. The group debuted three years later with the album Te lo Dije (2018).


Full nameAlfonso Quezada jr
BirthJuly 20, 1992
Age30 years
OccupationSinger and music artist
Stage namequezada poncho
BandThe Two Carnales (since 2015)
parentsAlfonso Quezada and Norma Mancha
Zodiac signCancer
Social AccountInstagram

Who is Poncho Quezada?

Poncho Quezada is a Mexican singer and fifth bass player. Originally from Cohahuila, he was born on July 20, 1992, being the oldest of the children of Alfonso Quezada and Norma Mancha. His brother Imanol was born six years later, in 1998. From a very small age, Poncho began in music. His father gave him his first accordion. Growing up he became involved in his brother’s musical training. They both started out as clowns at parties and later as performers at events. Finally, around the 2010s, they moved into bars and as barroom performers, they began to gain recognition.

The Two Carnal

In 2015 he formed, together with his brother Imanol and his companions Armando Hernández and Kevin Montemayor, the group Los Dos Carnales. That year, the group became known by opening for La Trakalosa de Monterrey in Cohahuila. Little by little, the brothers created their own repertoire. The debut did not come until October 2018 with the release Te Lo Dije (2018). The album included songs like Imperio Beltran Leyva, Le Hace Missing a Kiss and Te lo Dije with Luciano Díaz.

The EP Dio Vuelta la Moneda, was released a year later in 2019. That same year, Somos Arrieros came out, while Al Estilo Rancherón was released in mid-2020. This was followed by Cabrones y Vagos, an album in collaboration with El Fantasma, which was published in November 2021.

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Personal life

In addition to Imanol, Poncho also has a younger sister named Ninel (Nelly) and another named Mariela. He is currently married and a father. Like his brother, he has several tattoos; among them one of the face of Chavo del Ocho, the year of his birth, and the word Mexican written on his chest.

Beginnings of Los Dos Carnales in Music

Los Dos Carnales began their careers at a very young age, respectively, but then they began to put on clown shows where they played their songs. “Playing itself we have a good time, my brother started when he was 9 years old and I was 14. When we started in this roll of music, we had to be clowns. We did shows and we played”, mentioned Poncho Quezada to the Bandamax site.

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For his part, the guitarist of the group added about its beginnings: “We were canteen musicians, we played the repertoire that they asked us to do, which was pure Cadete de Linares, then we got the idea of ​​being fans of those characters, we wanted to give it something fresher, newer, but with an old-school twist.

“We choose ourselves, what we see that people may like, we focus a lot on singing to working people, to humble people, that the corridos are healthy corridos, the ‘Advantageous Life,’ he did it,” concluded Imanol, band accordionist.

Musical genre of Los Dos Carnales

Los Dos Carnales has stood out for performing their singles in the regional Mexican genre, in addition to experimenting with the corrido.

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Trajectory and Legacy of Los Dos Carnales

In 2018 Los Dos Carnales released their first live album, with which they gained wide recognition on the scene. The following year they continue with the release of the singles “El smiling de Durango”, “Vida advantageousa”, “Tristes Navidades & Moños Negros”; In addition, they released their EP “He turned the coin.”

In that same course of time they released their live album “Live from the rods”, which managed to be highly requested; and at the same time he released the studio album “Somos Arrieros”. Next, in 2020 he released the singles “El envidioso” and “Vida advantageousa”; He also released his next studio album “Corridos y más corridos”.

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What did they reveal?

At various times Los Dos Carnales has said that they don’t drink alcohol, that they prefer a quiet life & that they still get along with those who were their best childhood friends, and that although they are known internationally, they have their feet on the ground.

Omar Chaparro questioned the singers about how many children they have, 23-year-old Imanol replied that he has a boy named “Lupito Tijerina”, a name in honor of his partner Yajaira’s grandfather, and that it is the famous Lupe Tijerina. While the 29-year-old Poncho surprised the public by revealing that he has 6 children, he clarified that they are not all from the same relationship.

the new run

The singers are about to release a new song, it is a corrido dedicated to parents, the piece is called “My boss” and they mentioned that it is very special and emotional, because they were inspired by Alfonso Quezada, their father to write the letter.

“So that he sings it to his dad this Father’s Day, pure two carnal kids there. Wait for this official video”, the artists wrote in the description of the video that they uploaded to their official Instagram account along with the preview video.

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