Jaya Kishori Biography, Age, Net Worth, Fact, Husband Name

Jaya Kishori Biography, Age, Net Worth, Fact, Husband Name – In today’s age, in which girls are running after material happiness, at the same age, there is someone who is leaving everything and spending his life only in devotion to God, in which age girls pay more attention to their grooming. In age, there is someone who is grooming himself in devotion to God. There are very few people who keep their infinite feeling and devotion toward God in this age. Today we are going to talk about such an example whose name is – Jaya Kishore. In today’s article, information about Jaya Kishori Biography, Age, Date of Birth, and Husband’s Name will be given.

Jaya Kishori

Jaya Kishori is such a storyteller and bhajan singer whose name you must have heard many times. Life introduction of Jaya Kishori ji, who is called Meera Bai of today’s era, absorbed in the devotion of Lord Krishna, you will be able to know about her age, birth, husband, and family from here today. So let’s know the life introduction of Jaya Kishori.

birth and family

Jaya Sharma, who is originally from Rajasthan, is a storyteller as well as a motivational speaker. Maybe you do not know the real name or original name of Jaya Kishori Ji is Jaya Sharma. Jaya Ji was born on 13/07/1995 in a small village Sujangarh in Rajasthan. Jaya Ji belongs to a Gaur Brahmin family. Everyone who is interested in listening to the story must know him very well and are also interested to know more about him.

Jaya’s mother’s name is Geeta Devi Haritpal & her father’s name is Shiv Shankar Sharma (Radhe Shyam Haritpal). Let us tell you that Jaya Sharma also has a younger sister whose name is Chetna Sharma. He doesn’t have any brothers of his own. Jaya ji’s family currently resides in Kolkata. Till now Jaya Ji is single, she is not married yet. He says that she will get married when the right time comes.

Short biography

NameJaya Sharma
NickNameKishori Ji
By whom was the title given? PtShri Govind Ramji Mishra
other namesKishori ji, Meera of Modern Era
CasteGaur Brahmin
TeacherShri Govind Ramji Mishra
Birth13/07/1995 (Thursday)
BirthplaceIn Rajasthan’s village Sujangarh
Father’s nameShiv Shankar Sharma (Radhey Shyam Haritpal)
Mother’s nameGeeta Devi Haritpal
Sister’s nameChetna Sharma
Total siblings1 sister
Name of the husbandnot married yet
ProfessionMotivational Speaker, Spiritual Speaker, Singer, Music Artist
School CollegeMahadevi Birla World Academy, Kolkata
Age27 years (in 2022)

Jaya Kishori Husband’s Name

Everyone wants to know Jaya Kishori Ji’s husband’s name. But let us tell you that Jaya Kishori ji is still unmarried. She has said in one of her interviews that she is not a monk or a hermit, just a normal woman. He said that he is not married yet. It’s too late and she would never want her story to be affected by marriage.

The fans of Jaya Kishori are very curious to know about her personal life. For example, when is she getting married, and who are her friends? How is he bonding with his family? Such questions are also searched a lot on the Internet. Questions are often asked about their marriage on social media too. Jaya Kishori has discussed her marriage in one such video.

Jaya Kishori Biography, Age, Net Worth, Fact, Husband Name

In a video shared by Sanskar TV, Jaya Kishori ji says that it would be best if their wedding takes place in Kolkata. In such a situation, she can come and eat at her home anytime. But if she gets married and goes somewhere else, then her condition is that her parents will also shift to the same place. With this, their parents can also live with them by taking home somewhere nearby.

Jaya ji is not married yet. In many of her interviews, she has said that if she ever gets married, she would love to do it in Kolkata. If she goes to some other place after marriage, the only condition for this is that she will also shift her parents to the same place so that her parents can live near her.

Jaya Kishori Ji’s Education

Jaya ji has done B.Com. Along with his B.Com studies, he also devoted his time to spirituality. He had prepared Shrimad Bhagwat Katha at the time of his 12th studies. Along with her studies, she also used to recite bhajans and Gita. She did not do regular college because she wanted to devote most of her time to spirituality. He has completed his primary education at Mahadevi Birla World Academy Kolkata. Along with a B.Com degree, and a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) he has also studied Vedas, Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, and Shastras.

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Favorite things

eatIndian home food
colorpink and red
singerAsha Bhosle
placeGoa, London, and Dubai
PoliticianNarendra Modi, Sushma Swaraj

body structure

Eye colorblack
hair colorblack

Jaya Kishori biography

The atmosphere of Kishori ji’s family has been towards spirituality from the very beginning. Jaya ji’s spiritual journey started at the age of just 6-7 years. In the family, his grandparents had a great influence on him, his grandparents used to tell him stories of Lord Shri Krishna Ji. At the age of 9, Kishori ji had memorized many sources like Madhurashtakamra, Lingashtakam, Shivpanchakshara Stotram, Shiva Tandava Stotram, Daridray Dahan Shiva Stotram. Simultaneously, song music was also started.

At the age of only 10 years, she know Sundarkand which was very fruitful. She tells in one of her interviews that her parents have contributed to the success of her spiritual life. The name of Jaya ji’s guruji is Govind Ram Mishra. Jaya Sharma ji was given the title of “Kishori” by her Guruji Govind Ram Mishra. After which Jaya Sharma ji came to be known as “Jaya Kishori“. Jaya ji always considers herself a simple girl. She does not like to call herself a Sadhvi or a Saint. She has unwavering faith in Khatu Shyam ji.

Jaya Kishori’s marriage conditions

She has kept some conditions of her marriage. Jaya Kishori once said in a video that “If I get married in Kolkata, it is great that I can come to my parents’ house whenever I want. But if I move out of Kolkata, then my parents will shift after buying a house next to my house. Because where I live, my parents will also be there.”

Jaya Kishori Net Worth 2022

If we talk about how much is Jaya Kishori‘s total assets in 2022, then some are as follows – Her total assets are 4 – 5 crore rupees. His salary is around 10 lakh rupees. They go somewhere and take up to 9 lakh rupees to tell a story.

Jaya Kishori got the title of Kishori Ji

Please tell that Jaya Kishori was given the title of “Kishori ji” by her guru Pandit Shri Govindramji Mishra in view of her love for Lord Shri Krishna. Jaya tells Kishori that she cannot get the company of her guru for long.

The donations coming from her stories are donated by Jaya Kishori to Narayan Seva Sansthan, an organization in Udaipur. This organization runs a hospital for the handicapped and serves the poor. Many Gaushalas are also run by Narayan Seva Sansthan.

Personal life of Jaya Kishori ji

Talking about Jaya Kishori‘s personal life, she had told in one of her interviews that she was very naughty in her childhood and she had a lot of attachment towards spirituality. As a child, she could not sit in one place. That is why she used to come and go to her neighboring houses and her neighbors also had a lot of affection for her.

She was fond of singing stories and hymns since childhood, so she used to concentrate on listening to stories and singing bhajans all the time. That’s why he started doing stories at the age of 9 and today the magic of his story and motivation speaks for the whole world.

Jaya Kishori Ji Award

  • In the year 2016, Jaya ji was awarded the “Adarsh ​​Youth Spiritual Guru Award”.
  • Awarded with the Fame India Asia Post Survey 2019 Youth Icon.
  • In the year 2021, Jaya Kishori was awarded the “Motivational Speaker of the Year”.

Priceless thoughts of Jaya Kishori Ji

Not only the winner but where to lose,
Knowing this is also great.

What will they think? What would they think? What will the world think?
Some thought rising above this, life will become another name for peace.

As long as you blame others for your problems and difficulties,
Till then you cannot erase your problems and difficulties.


How much property does Jaya Kishori Ji have?

Jaya Kishori Net Worth is estimated to be around 2 to 2.5 lakh rupees.

Which stories are told by Jaya Kishori Ji?

Stories of “Nani Bai Ka Myro”, “Narsi Ka Bhaat”, Bhagwat Geeta, Sunderkand, etc. are narrated by Kishori ji.

How many followers does Jaya Kishori Ji have on Instagram?

More than 3 million people follow Jaya Kishori Ji on Instagram.

How much does Kishori Ji charge for the Bhajan program and Katha Vachan?

She charges fees for the Bhajan program and story reading according to different places, she takes a minimum of 50 thousand rupees and a maximum of 9 lakh rupees for Katha Vachan. This fee depends on the location of the program and how long the program will run.

What is the full name / real name of Jaya Kishori Ji?

Her full name is Jaya Kishori / or her real name is Jaya Sharma.

What is the age of the famous Motivational Speaker, Spiritual speaker Jaya Kishori Ji?

Spiritual speaker Jai Ji has turned 27 this year in 2022.

What is the name of Jaya Kishori Ji’s husband?

Jaya Ji is not married yet.

Who is the sister of Jaya Kishori / what is the name of the sister?

The name of his sister is Chetna Sharma.

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