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  • 64. If I sit down to write in his praise, words fall short, Due to the heat of her beauty, even water can be set on fire.
  • 65. He suddenly came in front of us so we forgot the way, Together with them will reach the destination, We kept wandering behind them thinking this.
  • 66. O-Sanam, if this beauty of yours was a little less, Even then there is no one in the world more beautiful than you.
  • 67. May my heart find peace and my eyes rest, If Sanam comes into my life after becoming a bride.
  • 68. One is your beauty from above, Murder has become common, seeing which he smiled.
  • 69. What should I write in your praise O Sanam, Seeing your style, my words get lost.
  • 70. We fell in love with his simplicity, People roam around being crazy about her beauty.
  • 71. How dare we praise him, The moon recites the songs of whose beauty all night long. Now read the praise of the girl
  • 72. Wanted to write ghazals on her beauty, But whenever those words came in front, they were limited to poetry.
  • 73. Her beauty needs no veil, After seeing them, where does one remain in his senses anyway?
  • 74. What do they need for makeup, If she laughs and blushes, then she looks the most beautiful.
  • 75. Whenever he opens his lips, words rain like flowers.

Hot Girls Pics

Hot Girls Pics
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