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  • 56. The reflection of his face is visible in our eyes, Seeing this, people are now jealous of our eyes too.
  • 57. My words describe the beauty of the face, That lover of mine has come down in poetry.
  • 58. Her locks cover her face like this, The way the clouds have hidden the moon in the black night.
  • 59. Even that mirror will not be able to testify about your beauty. Ask from our eyes, which die on seeing you.
  • 60. Everyone used to lose consciousness on seeing him, Maybe that’s why my lover has chosen curtains.
  • 61. Sanam may not get caught in my eyes, Thinking this, don’t look at them with your eyes.
  • 62. His zenith which fell from the head, The thick locks like clouds have become free, We were about to come to our senses His killer smile took my heart.
  • 63. If you call your beloved the moon, it keeps decreasing and increasing, If you say the sun, it sets in the evening, If I describe her lips as roses, she also withers away. Perhaps nothing has been created in Jahan to praise him.
Hot Girls Pics
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