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  • 37. His way of being shy like this settles in the heart, She’s out of my reach like the moon. Still, the heart is determined to get him.
  • 38. People call her beauty a piece of the moon, But only we know that he is not of the moon, the moon is his piece.
  • 39. Thinking about what to give you the gift of love, What should I give to the one who reaches my heart? Thought to send the moon as a gift to you, But what should I give the moon to the one who is the moon himself?
  • 40. May every journey of my life become pleasant, If your beloved is with you for a lifetime.
  • 42. You are the solution to all my problems, You are the medicine for the pain that ever arises in the chest, Even if we are nothing for you, But for me you are the whole world.
  • 43. Last night he just went for a walk on the terrace, Even the moon hid in the clouds in shame.
  • 44. In what words should I praise you, those words could not be found, They wake up after seeing you, what should this heart do when it is sleeping.
  • 45. Her innocent eyes go home in the heart, It is not possible for them to forget even for a moment, Wherever I look, only she is visible in every face.

Hot Girls Pics

Hot Girls Pics
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