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  • 29. When I started praising him, then the words got lost, When I picked up the pen to write, the ink dried up.
  • 30. She is very beautiful, she is delicate like flowers, God must have made him with great passion, Maybe that’s why she is the most beautiful.
  • 31. Everyone got their own story from my poetry, The only sadness is that it did not get what it was written for.
  • 32. His face is as bright as the rising sun, Wherever there is darkness, remove it.
  • 33. Hearing his praise, even these stars started burning, When they could not compete with her beauty, they started breaking apart.
  • 34. It is not possible to give his example, No one in this world can be like him, He has no competition in this world.
  • 35. When he narrates his own stories, then the eyes watch him silently, I had heard from someone that it is forbidden to say anything in prayer.
  • 36. There is something special in his eyes, Whenever the eyes meet, it becomes like intoxication.

Hot Girls Pics

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