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  • 16. We have never measured what is the meaning of beauty, Ever since you came into life, there is no one as beautiful as you for us.
  • 17. When this wind caresses their cheeks, Carefree hair swings on the face, She smiles lovingly again, twists those hairs into a bun, This gesture of his takes our lives.
  • 19. Where will my pen be able to bind her beauty in words, Whenever ink splatters on the pages, only his name can be written.
  • 20. Wants to get lost in his words, Whenever he is near, he wants to hug tightly, How to tell how much we love her, Even in one birth or in hundred births, the heart wants to belong to him.
  • 22. Last night in a dream someone told me his address, We had just woken up in our sleep and started walking.
  • 23. Last night in front of the moon we praised our beloved, Tonight he is also sitting irritated and hiding in the clouds.
  • 24. Others will need grooming, My lover creates havoc only in simplicity.
  • 25. His words make me crazy, Her smile makes every sorrow forget, What to say about the innocence of the eyes, Wherever she looks, she makes it pure.
  • 26. Seeing his drunken eyes, we cannot control ourselves, Millions try not to take his name, But whenever they are mentioned, Can’t live without praising.
  • 27. He is unaware of the effect of his eyes, Which teaches the desire to live even to the dead.
  • 28. They were complaining from sleep that why do you keep them awake at night. He also got jealous and said that the fault is on his face, you are defaming us.

Hot Girls Pics

hot girl
hot girl
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