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  • 6. My heart is fixated on the mole on his face, If she laughs, she kills. She is the most beautiful in this world.
  • 7. Fall in love with her as soon as you see her, she is so beautiful, Neither jewellery nor makeup, yet she is very beautiful.
  • 8. Thought to write his praises on the pages, Then thinking that Lest even the ink fall in love with her.
  • 9. Words started falling short in his praise, and seeing his innocence, people’s hearts started slipping.
  • 10. Her face is like a delicate flower, The smile of lips like blossoming buds, Words fall short to praise him. Our life is the most beautiful thing in the world.
  • 11. Your friendship is unique for us, We don’t want to lose her. Do not reject my love, That’s why don’t want to express love.
  • 12. His eyes laden with antimony kill mangoes, Whomever she sees, she smiles and makes him her slave.
  • 13. People consider his words of praise as poetry, We are waiting for his acceptance, which people mistake for our passion.
  • 14. We gave our hearts to a beautiful angel, Where will she be in my unfortunate fate, Just thinking this, without expressing it, sat defeated.
  • 15. This is the light of his face, In front of them, even the moon seems to be Benur.

Hot Girls Pics

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