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  • 76. We were never in love with her for her beauty, It was just his smile that tore our hearts away.
  • 77. His face like the moon, thick locks like clouds, getting lost in them we became his.
  • 78. Sharmo Haya whose jewel is what does he need artificial beauty.
  • 79. His smile has made many people crazy, We are fortunate that his heart has fallen on us.
  • 80. When they walk with us holding hands in the marketplace, Don’t know how many people’s hearts get jealous seeing us.
  • 81. It is believed that thousands of people will be crazy about your beauty. But a lover like me will not find you even after searching.
  • 82. My love was a question for him and his love was the answer to all my questions.
  • 83. My desires have now changed their purpose, Ever since Shiddat-e Mohabbat has happened with Sanam.
  • 84. Your beauty has blown our senses, Otherwise, we too used to be of use. Know Here Models biography
  • 85. We need no one like you, only you.

Hot Girls Pics

Hot Girls Pics
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