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Arvind AroRa popularly known as A2 Sir is a Teacher, YouTuber, Content Creator, Influencer & Motivational Speaker. Known for his unique and unique way of teaching, Arvind Arora is a chemistry teacher. Arvind sir teaches engineering and 11th, and 12th students. Apart from teaching, A2 uploads 3 motivational short videos on YouTube every day, which gives motivation to millions of people to do something good and big.

Arvind Arora

In today’s post, we are going to tell you about the biography of Arvind Arora, in this post we will tell you about the introduction of Arvind Arora‘s Biography, Jivani, Family, Education, Career, and Youtube Income.

Arvind Arora (A2 Sir) Wiki

Date of birth28 September 1988
birth placeSuratgarh, Rajasthan (India)
hometownSuratgarh, Rajasthan
current residenceBangalore, Karnataka, India
SchoolPublic School Suratgarh, Rajasthan
UniversitySKIT College, Jaipur, Rajasthan (2005-2009)
educationBE (Electrical engineering)
Net Worth10 Cr.
Social AccountInstagram

Who is Arvind Arora?

Arvind Arora is one of the well-known famous YouTubers of India, more than 80 percent of his videos are seen on the trending section of YouTube.

His Channel name is A2 Motivation by {Arvind Arora} in which he uploads videos related to education and motivation which are shared a lot among people.

Which people are seen putting in their WhatsApp stories and status and in today’s time their popularity has become in every corner of India.

A2 is commonly known as a Chemistry Teacher who has later reached out to Youtuber and Celebrity.

Arvind Arora Biography

Full NameArvind Arora
nick nameArvind, A2Sir
age34 years (2022)
BusinessTeaching and YouTube
fameTeaching, Youtube, Motivational Speaker

Early Life and Education

He was born on 28/09/1988 in Suratgarh, a small town in Rajasthan. Arvind’s father is a shopkeeper and his mother is a housewife.

Arvind Arora completed his schooling from a public school in Suratgarh, initially his mind was not at all in studies. All he needed was to run his father’s shop later, he is entitled to it.

But some incidents and people’s talk forced him to think in a different direction and in his insistence to prove people wrong, he enrolled in SKIT College & completed his graduation in Electrical Engineering.


Despite being born in the small town of Suratgarh in Rajasthan, He is a well-known person today. He started his career with a lot of difficulties.

Many people also told him about his position that there is no place for you, for you, there is a shop of your father. Where you have to sit & work.

But Arvind achieved such a position today on the strength of his hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm. Where people have a dream to go, but to achieve this position, they have united night and day. Only then could he achieve this position.

Arvind Arora Sir’s Youtube Journey

YouTube Journey started from Arvind sir’s Surat, he used to teach chemistry through his YouTube channel. He kept putting videos on his channel but did not get much response. Because at that time people used to watch only entertainment videos on YouTube.

But he did not give up and in 2017 read his channel running. Students of NEET, JEE started liking his videos, after putting in the videos after 6 years of hard work, he has completed one lakh subscribers. His channel name was Made Easy.

In today’s time, he has more than two channels, one A2 Motivation, and the other A2 Amazing Facts, and many more are his YouTube channel. And the interesting thing is that initially it took a lot of hard work to grow the channel, but as soon as Youtube Short was launched, Arvind sir gained 4 million subscribers in four months.

Arvind Arora Net Worth and Assets

A2 earns around 15-20 lakh rupees every month from youtube. Apart from YouTube, Arvind Arora also earns a lot from teaching, sponsor, & other sources. According to one figure, the total assets of Arvind Arora are around 10 crores.

A2 Motivation Arvind Arora’s ups and downs

After passing A2 Motivation Arvind Arora College, Arvind also had a job letter, but his joining was in February next year. Due to time in joining, Arvind started working on a salary of 11 thousand, after that he also got an offer of twenty thousand from some other college. Then he got an offer to teach from a coaching institute and after joining, A2 shone with his hard work and dedication in just 2 years. Arvind used to paste posters till two o’clock in the night and used to teach children during the day.

After so much success, Arvind felt that now everything is set, life will be good, only then did the owner of the institute cheat him and threw him out of there. Now again Arvind has come from where he had started. After that Arvind came to Surat with the dream of doing something different and due to lack of money started looking for work. Arvind got a chance to teach chemistry at one place and for a better understanding of chemistry, he started paying attention to YouTube and started watching videos of different chemistry teachers. After that, he himself started teaching and his different style of teaching made him a favorite of everyone.

After that A2 moved to Bangalore, where he initially taught at Unacademy Institute and is currently teaching at Vedantu Institute.

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  • · 13.5 million YouTube subscribers.
  • A2’s YouTube channel is India’s No. 1 channel for producing short videos.
  • A2 has more than 10 million followers across all social media.
  • A2 has more than 1.4 crores YouTube subscribers.
  • A2 has got 9 play buttons on YouTube, which include 2 gold play buttons and 7 silver play buttons.
  • Unacademy People’s Choice Best Educator Award.
  • · Unacademy 1 Million Views Awards
  • · Vedantu Velcro award.

Arvind Arora’s family

  • There is no detailed info about the Arvind family yet available to anyone. No one even knows what is the name of his parents.
  • According to Google search data, Arvind Arora‘s father is a grocer. His mother is a housewife, Arvind also has 2 younger sisters. Who is currently completing her education.

Arvind Arora Wife

Arvind Arora Wife

He is married to Jagriti Arora, Jagriti Arora is also a YouTuber. The details of his children are not known at present. More info about his married life is not clear.

Some interesting facts related to Arvind Arora

  • A2’s Youtube channel is one of India’s number 1 channel making short videos.
  • A2 has more than 10 million followers including all social media and this figure is gradually increasing.
  • A2 has more than 1.4 crores of YouTube subscribers. Which are increasing in the number of lakhs every day.
  • A2 has got 9 play buttons on YouTube, which includes 2 gold play buttons and 7 silver play buttons. Which has happened by combining their other channels.

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Arvind Arora’s struggle

  • The story behind every successful person is full of sorrow, neglect, humiliation, and deception. Something similar happened with Arvind Arora too, after completing his engineering degree, he had to struggle a lot.
  • Initially, he also had to do a job with a monthly salary of Rs. 11,000. After this, he also got an offer to teach chemistry from a coaching center.
  • For this, Arvind worked very hard, within a span of just 2 years, he made that coaching center shine, and the owner of the coaching center fired him from the job after that. Whatever the reason! After this Arvind again started growing in financial trouble.
  • Due to job loss, Arvind Arora started roaming around in search of work, when Arvind got an offer to teach in a coaching center.
  • That too, his favorite subject, chemistry, opened the way for him to succeed, he got inspiration from there by watching videos of teachers studying chemistry on YouTube.
  • After this, Arvind Arora started uploading chemistry videos on YouTube, and from there he started getting wide recognition, after which he became known as A2 Sir.
  • After this, Arvind Arora moved to Bangalore, where he initially taught at Unacademy Institute and is currently serving in Vedantu Institute.


1 Q. When was Arvind Arora born?

He was born on 28/09/1988 in Suratgarh, Rajasthan.

2 Q. What is the net worth of Arvind Arora?

Arvind Arora net worth is estimated at $1 million in 2021.

3 Q. What is the name of A2 sir?

A2 Sir name is Arvind Arora.

4 Q. Where does Arvind Arora teach?

A2 teaches at Vedantu Institute.

5 Q. Who is the CEO of Conker World?

Arvind Arora is the CEO of Conker World.

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