Andre Rock Net Worth, Biography, Siblings, Wife

Andre Rock Net Worth, Biography, Siblings, Wife – Andre Rock is the brother of Chris Rock. He is a successful American businessman. He has 6 brothers & 1 sister. His 1st brother Chris Rock is widely known as a producer, American stand-up comedian, film director, actor, and writer.

Andre Rock Net Worth, Biography, Siblings, Wife

The public does not know him very well about Andre Rock as he is not active in the media.

Andre Rock Biography

Andre Rock was born in 1980. his mother’s name is Julius Rock & His father’s name is Rosalie Rock.

Andre Rock Siblings’ Name

Andre Rock Siblings Name
  • andy rock
  • Kenny Rock
  • Jordan rock
  • Charles Rock
  • Brian Rock
  • Tony Rock
  • Chris Rock.

Andre rocks kids and his wife

Andre Rock is not officially married so he has no children.

Social Account


Andre rock net worth

Andre Rock has an estimated net worth of $1 million. His source of income is business.

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Chris rock will smith

Last March, illustrated by a monumental slap, the whole world was able to understand that between Will Smith and Chris Rock, who worked together for a long time, the agreement was not in good shape. A few years earlier, Chris Rock had already been able to upset his ex-sidekick…

Will Smith and Chris Rock have been dating for nearly three decades? However, their relationship had never been a subject for the American media, until this nightmarish evening of March 27, 2022, during which Will Smith lost his nerves, going up on the Oscars stage to slap Chris Rock, who came to present a price. At the origin of this outburst?

A comedian’s joke about the shaved head of Jada Pinkett Smith, the wife of Will Smith, who suffers from alopecia. In the room, amazement then silence. On social networks, some even wonder if the sequence had not been prepared in advance, as the reaction of the actor, Oscar winner a few minutes later, confused more than one.

That evening, on the stage of the Oscars, Will Smith and Chris Rock were far from meeting for the first time. For six years from the year 1990, Will Smith interpreted the main role in the mythical series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In the second episode of the sixth season, broadcast in 1995, the characters of Maurice Perry and his sister Jasmine were played…

by a certain Chris Rock. At the time, the two actors maintained very cordial relations, so much so that they would collaborate again in a documentary by Spike Jonze a few years later. In several shots captured during award ceremonies, Will Smith and Chris Rock appear relatively close, laughing out loud and posing for the photographers.

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Too many jokes?

The relationship between the two actors will however not take long to deteriorate, while Chris Rock has taken pleasure over the years to make fun of Jada Pinkett Smith. In 2016, while officiating as master of ceremonies for the Oscars, Chris Rock had mentioned the wife of Will Smith, who had boycotted the ceremony to denounce the list of exclusively white nominees.

Then to add: “I understand that U are angry, Jada. Your man, Will, was not nominated for Alone against all (…) It’s not fair that he was so good and that he didn’t get a nomination. Just like it’s not fair that he got paid 20 million for Wild Wild West!”.

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